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Monday, 11 March 2013

Monday in the making

Most of my creative time over the past few weeks has been spent making up extra stock, particularly for the market that I attended yesterday. It all went well and it was great to bring my products 'out' and see what people think. That is the beauty of markets.

Now, I can relax a little. Today was a public holiday where I live, so I put the day to good use by creating some packaging and also designing a handbag. Here is the result so far...

It is nearly finished. I just need to add the lining and the straps. This bag is predominantly made out of up-cycled t-shirt material, but has a strong inner part, so that it doesn't stretch. If it all works out, I will need to put it through some testing before making more. Even though it has taken me all afternoon to get this bag to this point, it has been fun to create - matching fabric, tweaking embellishments, problem solving, creating and experimenting.

Another project I have on the go is this one...

This is my crochet project and will (hopefully) become a gift. I have just about finished the body of the pattern. I will then add a border and will attempt to felt this. You could call this project an experiment in progress.

On the list:
  • Finish handbag
  • Finish crochet project
Thanks for viewing!

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