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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Black and White

I have a confession to make...

...I am a bit of a motor racing fan. Growing up in a car and mechanical orientated family, a bit of car racing enthusiasm had to rub off on me.

Previously, it was great to have the racing on the TV, burbling in the background and occasionally catching up on the results. However, as my brother now works in a racing team, I am now a very keen in follower of his team, right down to their successes (or problems) during practices and qualifying. It is very fascinating and I know I am hooked!

Last weekend, Melbourne hosted the Australian Grand Prix and I had my eyes on the results and happenings of some of the races. A black and white, chequered flag heralds in the winner, therefore my inspiration for the week is 'Black & White'...

Personalised Wedding Card by 'Little Angel Creations'

What a beautiful card! I love cards consisting of two colours as it looks 'clean'. I also love the beautiful accents - the bling flower and the ribbon.

Coin Purse by 'Retrofied'

I love the shape of this coin purse, but most of all I love the pattern of the fabric. Looking at the dots too much make my eyes go funny. Such a groovy pattern!

Necklace by 'Velvey and Me'

How classy! I love the mix of black fabric and bow with the dual strings of white pearls. This necklace would jazz up a black and white outfit. Lovely!

I hope that this provides you with a bit of inspiration!

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