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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Pastels

It is the season for pastel colours at the moment. Pastel colours are soft and flower-like and are often associated with Easter. Easter has been on my mind lately, not only because it is Lent, but I also found a terrific idea for Easter and I can't wait to craft them up as gifts, hence my inspiration for the week is...pastels!

Felt mobile by 'Milbot & Chooky'

This mobile is adorable. I love the look of these fluffy, rain clouds floating in mid-air and dispensing plump, colourful raindrops. Lovingly hand stitched, this mobile would look beautiful in a nursery.

Polymer clay bead necklace by 'The Bear & the Whale'

This is so simple that it is eye-catching. These five round pastel beads strung on a simple waxed cord. Beautiful!

Crocheted rabbit rattle by 'Rosieok Creations'

What a sweet little bunny! I love his round, pear shaped body with a stripy front. His teeny, tiny ears are gorgeous. The bonus about this little fluffy character is that it is also a rattle...a perfect Easter gift for non-chocolate eating littlies.

I hope that this provides you with some inspiration!

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