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Monday, 4 March 2013

Monday in the making

Things have been a little busier over the weekend, as I have been trying to replenish my stock of items in preparation for a market on the weekend. Over the course of the week I have made up...

... some pop up cards. My most favourite one is a design that would be ideal for a wedding - cream coloured with little cream flowers (of course, it is the one that I didn't photograph). I will add a little note on the back of the cards, so that greetings and best wishes can be added to the card for the recipient.

I also made up some brooches...

...these are also fast becoming a favourite of mine. So far, I have teamed these up-cycled t-shirt flowers with similar coloured buttons, with the aim not to detract from the simple, round flower. I also tried out an Easter egg gift idea - that is still a work in progress...

On the list:
  • brooches
  • cards
  • headbands
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