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Monday, 14 October 2013

Monday in the making

A couple of weeks ago, I made up a mini canvas for a very special showcase. I enjoyed using up-cycled t-shirt material and reclaimed material to create a decorative feature. I also enjoyed the chance to do some hand stitching. I had so much fun that I designed another mini canvas, this time,  one for the girls...

This canvas is made up of a large, red heart, that is hand stitched to a pink, floral fabric. It also contains three buttons, stitched up the top of the heart.

I have also been playing around with paper mache...

I had a bit of Christmas in mind when I made this. A paper base, covered in red and sealed, with black lettering spelling 'JOY'. It is decorated with three fabric flowers, with button embellishments, two made with satin, one with tulle. The flowers have rough, frayed seams to add to the rustic charm of the piece. A lacy bow is tied onto the handle.

What do you think?
Thanks for viewing!

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