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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Zig Zags

I haven't been very punctual lately. At the beginning of the year, I set myself a target to make handmade gifts for family and friends. I love spending time creating a special item for a special person. The only problem is that sometimes everyday 'life' gets in the way - housework, job, family commitments, etc. Sometimes the crafting time gets shortened, leaving little time to complete items.

However, I read a small business, crafting blog lately and the writer shared the importance for the time to create - to release new ideas, to design, to create and for someone like me, craft is a love, a stress release and an expression of my creativity. Crafting is important for my health and character, therefore, I have been trying to squeeze in at least half an hour of craft and creating each day. 

I have been working on a crochet project since January as a gift for someone. The time for giving it on time has long gone, but I am now so close to finishing it. Despite the lateness, I still want to give it to my chosen recipient, to keep as an heirloom item. Other ideas and projects seemed to have closed in on this particular project, but I know that it needs to be given soon! The main feature of this project is its zig-zag pattern, hence my inspiration for this week is...zig-zag...

Leather Clutch by 'Juwel'

I love the plain white clutch with the added vibrancy of the zig-zag pattern on the opening panel. I also love the blend of colours in the zig-zag pattern. Stunning!

Pink Sleepy Creature by 'Dewberry Workshop'

How cute! I love the simplistic design and features of this cuddly softie. I love the three, pink toned fabrics for the body of this sleepy creature and I love the zig-zag pattern in the ears. Gorgeous!

Christmas Bunting by 'Little Starrs'

This bunting would surely cheer up any space for Christmas! I love the different red and white fabrics that feature in this bunting, especially the zig-zag fabric that has various widths. A beautiful decoration!

What do you like that has a zig-zag pattern?
Thanks for viewing!

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