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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Birds

I recently returned back to work after having some holidays. It was wonderful to wake up, walk the dog, have some breakfast and go for a bike ride. It was a great start to the day. I don't consider myself an 'early bird' but I can't sleep in either. It was great not to have to wake up to the (even earlier) alarm and move at my own pace. However, it is back to work and back to waking up early, in order to walk the dog, have breakfast and get to work on time.

In going for an early morning walk, I enjoy the freshness of the morning and I particularly enjoy the early morning call of birds, embracing the new day. Certain bird calls evoke particular memories. Some bird calls evoke a longing to head back to the Murray River and spend time in the peace of bush. An inner 'sigh' dwells within me when I hear this bird call, this longing becomes stronger as the time between visits is greater. Visiting the Murray was an annual holiday for me as a child with my family, and as an adult, I still get cravings to head back to 'The River', to rest and recharge. It is now becoming a biannual holiday for Mr T and our family members. Hence I have chosen some bird inspired items...

Sparklebirds in Lavendar by 'Winter Designs'

I love these clay creations. My eye was drawn to the rustic nature of these ornaments and the lacy pattern that is imprinted on them. A little flock would make a lovely decoration in the home...

White Love Bird Cake Toppers by 'The Patatopatch'

This pair of lovebirds are so sweet! In particular, I love their little outfits and the detail in them. Mr Bird's black suit, tie and buttonhole is very chic, while Mrs Bird's cherry blossom dress and sparkly tiara is gorgeous! This would make a lovely centre piece for a wedding cake...

Wooden Bird Family by 'Littlebugart'

What a sweet, birdie family! I love their cute, plump, patterned bodies and I love their bright, contrasting colours. This little family would brighten up any wall.

Do you have any beautiful memories evoked by the musical call of birds?

Thanks for viewing :)

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