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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Queensland

I had a very special moment yesterday. A lovely friend of mine went out of her way to drive down where we live and stayed with us overnight. This special person was at the same boarding place while we went to uni and we became friends. So much so that she was one of my bridesmaids in my wedding. She has been holidaying in the southern state, braving the cold as she is from Queensland. It would have been wonderful to visit some of sights around the area where we live, but on the day that she arrived it poured with rain all day! Oh well, it was lovely to chat, to catch up on what had been happening in our lives and to reminisce about 'good times'. A brief, but lovely visit...

It has been some time since Mr T and I have made the trek 'up north'. I think that it is something over due as we do have a number of good friends and family members that live in the sunshine state. When I think of Queensland, I think of bananas, pineapples and all manner of tropical fruits, of lush rainforests and sugar cane, of frightening thunderstorms, humidity, warmth and plenty of sunshine. Hence my inspiration for the week is ... Queensland...

Mini Plush Pineapple by 'Pumpkin Pie Creations'

Got to love smiley fruit! I love that this plush pineapple still has a golden body and green 'leaves'. I love its cute, smiley face...ready to cuddle!

 Felt Fruit by 'Kwuirky'

This bunch of fruit looks very lifelike! It has hard to think that they are carefully made with felt. A great item for imaginative play or placed in a fruit bowl as a decorative feature.

Forest Tree Set by 'Folkwood'

What an adorable set of wooden toys! Once again, this set would be perfect for imaginative play - taking dolls for a picnic over the river. Looks lovingly created...

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