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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Swirls

Today we experienced swirly, gusty wind throughout the day where we live. It all started ok... Mr T and I walked the dog and, I must admit, it was a little breezy. However, by the time we had to attend to some business in the city centre and walk back home, the wind had definitely picked up and I couldn't wait until we were back inside. Strong winds can do horrible damage to property and trees and the sounds that it creates can be quite scary. Thankfully, the wind has died down now. Hence my inspiration for this week are...swirls...

Swirl pendant by 'Artly Adorned'

This item is particularly for the gents, which is fantastic as I find it difficult to find handmade items that are especially for men. I love the simple design of the pendant with a touch of detail at the end of the swirl.

Halter neck apron by 'Neddynibbles'

When I first looked at this apron, I thought it was a dress...it's that beautiful! Not only do I like the style, but I like the swirly, yellow fabric used, complemented with an orange tie.

Wooden swirl earrings by 'Howe Sassy'

I love the swirly, cut out pattern of these earrings. I also love how they are kept a natural, wooden brown colour. Lovely accessories to match a range of outfits...

Thanks for viewing!

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