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Friday, 18 November 2011

Friday thoughts - Feeling Funky

I went out of my comfort zone today... well maybe just a little.

It was 'Funky Friday' at my work place today. The aim was to dig through your wardrobe, pull out something a bit more 'out there' than the usual work garb and wear it in public.

I am here to say that dress ups are not my most favourite thing. I opted for a flowing aqua, brown and cream patterned top with a tie around the midriff, with three quarter length demin pants. My hair was styled in two, low pony tails...aiming for a more 'hippy' look. It was a bit more 'out there' (well...at least for me), but I still felt reasonably comfortable.

It is safe to say that the colour schemes and styles of clothing that people wore to work today were a little more bright and more eyecatching. Which promotes the thought...colour combinations...which ones work well?

At the moment I am loving what I term 'Watermelon colours' - pink and green. I haven't long completed a pair of 'Cutie bug hair clips' using that colour scheme. The classic pink and purple also work well together. A colour combination that I hadn't previously thought of until I saw it combined on a fabric design is chocolate brown, beige and teal. I have also made a pair of 'Cutie bug hair clips' using that colour combination.

I love pairing colours with each other and the combinations are almost endless. What are your favourite colour combinations? I would love to know.

Happy crafting with those colours!

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