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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Weekend Wonders - Run, run, running!

It is good to sit down...

Today, Mr T and myself participated in a 'Fun Run' today - the first 'running' event for both of us. I had to stop and walk a few times (only three!) as some of the hills knocked me around a little. I was quite puffed by the time I stopped running and walked the first time, but once I started running again, I managed to settle myself into a comfortable pace. I tried to keep myself focused - achieving little goals along the way.

I was very proud of Mr T's effort. Although I managed to cross the line in front of him (not that I'm competitive...) he was only around 20 minutes behind me.

I feel like I'm running at the moment...just keeping pace with things. It is such a busy time of year! It is busy at work, with items that are due in the next couple of weeks (overtime work) and things to organise. I am also participating in a market in a fortnight's time and although I am sharing the stall and providing a limited amount of items, I would dearly like to have a few more items finished.

But I suppose it is all about pacing - chugging away at the things that need to be completed and doing what I can. Focusing and completing my work items (although I feel less motivated by them) will mean more time spent on craft (which I enjoy). It is important, though,  to spend time relaxing in the midst of it all.

Speaking of racing around...a new boy racer added to the store.
I hope your weekend wasn't as fast paced and that you could spend some lovely hours crafting!

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