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Friday, 25 November 2011

Friday thoughts - Christmas colours

We haven't put up any decorations as yet. Both Mr T and myself have been flat out with work. It is such a pity that this time of year is so busy because I love dwelling in the finery of Christmas.

When thinking about decorating for Christmas, I can't go past the traditional colours - red, green and gold. Sure there are other colour combinations that look very beautiful. I particularly like the purple and silver combination... but there is something about the red and green that speaks 'Christmas'.

Hence, with my latest stitching of Cutie Bugs I dabbled with the red and green...

They could be used to keep little locks in place on Christmas Day or for Christmas parties.

Other red and green finds that I happened to spot on MadeIt include:

I hope you feel a little more inspired by red and green. Happy Crafting!

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