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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Weekend Wonders - So close, yet so far

This past week and weekend have been a little busier as I have had to get ready for work again. I would happily craft away the hours, however, the house still needs attending to, people to feed and (beginning again next week) work to be completed. Hence, the balancing act begins again...

My main aim at the moment is finishing 'Grace'. I was dearly hoping that I would finish her this weekend. I am SO close, but my perfectionist streak sees a few things that still need to be completed. To add to everything, my sewing machine does not like sewing satin (which I am using for Grace's gown). No matter how I adjust the tension, the straight stitching is not neat. Therefore, Grace is 99% hand sewn, as my sewing machine did allow me to neaten the seams with zig-zag stitch. She needs her sleeves to be stitched and her necklace stitched down and then I think she will be finished. I will share photos of her tomorrow (hopefully finished!) tomorrow on my blog.

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