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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Weekend Wonders - Stepping into the kitchen

I'm back... sorry I have neglected my blog over the last week, but it was rather busy and I quickly ran out of energy for anything.

Thank goodness for weekends to have a bit of catch up time and rest and relaxation. For us, we even had an extra hour of sleep as Daylight saving ended and we had to wind our clocks back an hour, recapturing a precious hour.

I spent time this weekend finishing off 'Leah' (she is now in my MadeIt store if you want a sneak peak, but I will be posting her on my blog tomorrow) and I have begun a little Easter project to give to a special someone this weekend. I hope to show a finished photo on Wednesday.

I also spent some time baking on Saturday. It was all a bit of a spur of the moment thing...I checked up on my blogs Saturday morning and found this yummy looking truffle recipe. As Easter is closing in quite quickly, I thought that these would make nice Easter gifts. So I gathered all the ingredients together and set to work. Mr T was quite happy as he hasn't had the job of 'cleaning up' (ie eating any little bit of mixture left on spoons or in the bowl) in a long while (lots of ingredients on the 'do not eat' list).

A little fiddly and messy, and not very professional looking, however, very delicious!!

Whatever you did this weekend, I hope it was relaxing and enjoyable!

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