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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Wonderful Wednesday - A last glimpse at Easter

Back again after a busy Easter...

Mr T and myself travelled to visit family over the Easter weekend and spent time with family and toured around some beautiful country in Victoria, Australia. We even went for a 45km bike ride on Easter Monday to burn off some of the Easter goodies that we consumed over the weekend.

I thought I might swap the themes for Wednesday and Friday this week so that I could show you what the children that I work with made for Easter - some simple but effective art works. I used this activity in conjunction with sharing with the children the Easter story.

I went through this activity step by step with the children to produce a silhouette and sunset picture. You will need paper, a thick paintbrush (for the 'wash'), a thinner paintbrush (for the silhouette details), yellow, orange and red/pink water colour paints (or acrylic paint thinned with water to a 'wash') and a thicker black paint (I used acrylic).

Step 1: Provide each child with a large piece of paper (I used A3 sized cartridge paper).
Step 2: Paint a yellow stripe with the thick paintbrush, 8cm (3inch) wide, horizontally in the middle of the paper.
Step 3: Paint orange stripes (around the same size as the yellow stripe) on the top and bottom of the yellow stripe, overlapping the colours a little.
Step 4: Paint the rest of the paper up the top and on the bottom, with the red/pink water colour paint. This makes the 'sunset'.
Step 5: With the black paint and the thinner paint brush, paint a hill with three crosses from the bottom of the page. This creates the 'siloutte'.

The beauty about this picture is that it is simple (5 year olds painted the above pictures) and the children are amazed at the results. There is also no real right or wrong with this picture as exact measurements are not required.

Whatever you did over Easter, I hope that it was a blessed time!

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