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Friday, 21 October 2011

Friday Thoughts - Around the corner

It is getting closer... in fact just around the corner. What am I thinking about? It's Christmas! I know that it is still October and that we have a number of weeks left, but the year just seems to be flying and it will be Christmas before we know it. So I am in the process of keeping my eyes open for special little somethings to give to special people. One place to source such goodies (of course) is MadeIt, where there are heaps of talented people that have a number of carefully crafted items up for sale (check out the buttons on the side for more information).

I am also in full swing making some little items that would be perfect to pop in a stocking, or can be easily posted.

One such work in progress is this colourful key ring -  carefully handcrafted out of felt and fabric and embellished with a button. This one won't take me long to finish off and will be ready to purchase to pop in a card or stocking for someone special.

I have more gift ideas and plans in the pipeline and will be revealed soon...

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