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Friday, 15 June 2012

Friday Thoughts - Time flies!

We are in the sixth month ~ half way through a year! It feels like yesterday that we celebrated Easter, let alone Christmas. I have a friend whose child is about to celebrate her first birthday. It feels like it wasn't so long ago that I got to cuddle a tiny, little, newborn baby girl in my arms. The time seems to tick past, quite quickly, it seems.

At work, the children and myself have been looking at the days of the week. We have been focusing on the names of the days and putting them in order. We have also been using the terminology of 'day' and 'week', with the understanding that seven days make up one week. We have also been looking at 'Weather' and next week we are going to combine both in order to make a chart to record the weather each day.

Some other ideas focusing on days of the week that you could do with your child:
  • Make up cards that have the days of the week on them - one day per card, and encourage your child to put them in order. If needed, use a calendar to help.
  • Make up a chart to record the weather for a week. Encourage your child to write the days of the week at the top of each column, or cut out the names of the days of the week from an old calendar or from a computer generated copy. Make up a symbol for the weather on each day and draw it on the chart.
  • Make up a 'Today is...', 'Yesterday was...', 'Tomorrow will be' chart and add the name of the day that matches every day, to help your child understand the concept of today, yesterday and tomorrow.
  • Make up your own calendar with your child. You could add family photos to decorate each month. Write in numbers for the dates, names of the days and the names of the months. Add in birthdates of family and friends. When you are making your calendar talk about what 'date' and 'month' means.
  • Make up a 'Today I will...' chart. Make up some pictures that represent activities that could be stuck on on certain days (velcro dots make this chart and the pictures reuseable). For example, a picture of a class to represent a school day, a football if your child has football practice/game on a certain day, a ballet shoe if your child has a dance lesson on a certain day.
I hope that you have a lovely time over the weekend!

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