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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Hey Bro!

On this day...a few years ago...my little brother was born. Born two and a half years apart, bro and I were (and still are) quite close. I have fond memories of us playing, for what seemed like hours, together in the backyard. Always a sporting nut, who is talented at any sport on land, he proved a tough opponent to beat and wouldn't let my temper outbursts be given into, hence honing my own determination and skills.

Once a very chubby bubby, bro is now a fit, lean, racing machine mechanic, hence time with him is precious, as he is always on the move. Hence 'boys' are my inspiration for the week...Happy Birthday Bro!

Cake bunting flags by 'Pink Grapefruit'

How very sweet! A very decorative way to enhance a birthday cake. I love the idea of bunting, but in miniature.

Boys Fabric Canvas by 'Cheeky Children'

This is gorgeous! I love the train, complete with cute little carriages meandering up and down over the hills. I love the touch of a three dimensional look by adding little lengths of chain between the carriages.

Cot quilt by 'Belle & Jay'
I love the style of this quilt and the gorgeous colour combination! I love the ragged edges that are part of the design and the large block in the middle, featuring the initial of the little one. I had a browse through the Madeit store of this seller and I love the colour combinations and the use of fabrics that they use. Gorgeous quilts!

I hope that this provides you with some inspiration!


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