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Monday, 10 June 2013

Monday in the making

It has been a long weekend here in my little space of the world. This weekend has meant a chance to go for a bike ride, in the fresh air and glimpses of sunshine. It has also given us a spontaneous chance to catch up with family and experience a country festival. Finally, it has also given me the opportunity to sink my teeth into some craft. Here are a few photos of the results...

I finally finished off this bag that I started making last weekend. It is made out of a t-shirt that had a groovy domino pattern. I had just the right coloured buttons to decorate the top with. It has an insert that has been made out of a red t-shirt, the inner part has a pocket and the bag is closed with a zip. This bag was lots of fun to make and I have other groovy t-shirts that are just waiting to be made into bags...

I have had this idea for a while and I managed to find some time to create this 'flower' clip, made out of up-cycled denim that has been frayed and distressed. It is embellished with a yo yo made out of an up-cycled scarf, a blue button and a diamonte. This flower has been stitched onto a clip.

These two pendants have been experiments of mine. I want to also experiment with cork and the antique pendant plates. I also want to make up some more cork necklaces, similar to the design that I have previously shown. These two pendants have been made up-cycled book pages.

On the list:
  • Continue my gifts that I have been creating.
  • Hair ties
  • Cork necklaces
  • Start another bag?
 Thanks for viewing!

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