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Friday, 21 June 2013

Friday Thoughts - Flower Gift Tag

Receiving a present is a lovely surprise. The way a gift is wrapped can enhance the gift that is given. Paper and ribbon can assist in this and so can gift tags. Here is a design for a floral tag with a touch of bling...

What is needed:
 card for the base, a matching floral paper for the top of the tag, flower hole punch, ruler, pencil, adhesive, scissors/paper trimmer, circular hole punch, ribbon and diamonte embellishments.

Cut two identical rectangles, one out of the base card and the other out of the floral paper. I made my rectangles 8cm x 6cm.

Using the floral punch, punch out three flower shapes - top and bottom on one side and from the middle on the other side.

 Keep the floral shapes that are produced.

 Using the adhesive, glue the top floral rectangle onto the base rectangle.

 Turn the tag over so that the base is facing up. Cut one of the corners and flip it over onto the other side and trace with the pencil (see above). Cut along pencil line. This will ensure that the tag looks balanced.

Turn the tag over so that the floral side is facing up. Punch a hole at the top of the tag with the circular punch (see above photo for reference). Add diamonte embellishments in the middle of punched flowers. Tie a length of ribbon through the circular hole.

Turn the tag over and adhere the three punched flower shapes to the bottom left tag.

Write a message on the back of the tag and your tag is ready to attach to your gift.

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