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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - True Colours

It is a big night here... it is 'State of Origin' night! This concept is a little foreign to most people in Southern Australia (where we live), however, Mr T grew up in Queensland and spent some time in New South Wales, therefore Rugby... and 'State of Origin' is a passion. For those who do not know of the concept, two states (Queensland vs New South Wales) vie for supremacy in Rugby. It has taken me a little while, but I am slowly beginning to understand the game, hence my inspiration for the week ... all things 'Maroon' (Go Queensland!)...

Glass tile pendant by 'Crafty Expression'

I love the variety of hues of maroon in this pendant and the contrast with the black leather cord. A perfect gift for someone special or simply keep it yourself to match a special outfit.

Grey felt koala brooch by 'Smashing Smile Designs'

How could I go past this little guy? A cute, felt koala sporting a maroon shirt. He would add interest to any shirt, scarf or hat. It would make a great gift for a 'maroons' fan!

Maroon bow-tie neck scarf by 'The Smile Emporium'

I love the style of this little scarf - it looks like it has been tied together. Just big enough to keep a neck warm on chilly nights. A great idea for winter!

I hope that this provides you with some inspiration!


  1. Thanks for sharing my felt koala :-) Go the Maroons!

    1. My pleasure! They are so gorgeous! You are very clever indeed!


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