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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - The Very Busy Spider

Earlier I shared that I particularly dislike caterpillars...well, Mr T doesn't particularly like spiders - especially big, hairy ones! (Just quietly, I am not too fond of them myself...)

Recently, I have read 'The Very Busy Spider' by Eric Carle at work. This book has a lot of literary pattern that little ones can pick up on. We looked at why spiders make webs and made our own webs by using paper plates (with slits cut into them) and wrapping wool around the paper plates -  catching the wool in the slits to create a web pattern. We added our own little spider to our webs. Hence, my inspiration for the week are...spiders!

Spider web card by 'Harry Brown Designs'

I love the simple pattern of this card - lots of cute, little spiders hanging from dotty threads of web.

Metal magnetic spider by 'Overwrought'

This metal spider is so life like it is scary! This spider is designed to age in the weather if displayed outside. It would make a great garden ornament.

Spiderman Button Necklace by 'Addicted to Buttons'

When you think of spiders, Spiderman has to pop into mind! Love the black, red and white combination of these buttons. The best part is that these buttons make a unique piece of jewellery.

I hope that this provides you with some inspiration!

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