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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Chickens

We got a few new additions to our farm family today... three chickens. We have kept chickens for at least three years and have enjoyed the free range goodies that they give to us. We have two 'older girls' whose egg laying production is slowing down. So today, Mr T picked up three chickens when the poultry truck came into town. Now comes the challenge of naming them...

Hence the inspiration of the week is...chickens!

Chicken Toy by 'Wendy's Woollys'

I love this egg laying lady! I love the black and grey colour on the edge of her wings and on her front to show a lacy pattern. I love her cute little beak and red comb. Ready for some cuddles!

Chicken Tote by 'Red Brick House'

What a cute little bag? I love the fun, chicken fabric design. They look like they are running along the bag. Perfect for holding little goodies!

Chicken Pendant by 'Studio KVB'

This is something different, but wonderful! An image of a chicken 'burnt' into a wooden pendant. This item could be warn as a necklace pendant or it could be used as a key ring. A gorgeous image and would make a unique gift.

I hope that this provides you with some inspiration!

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