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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Monday in the making (although it is Tuesday)

I know that it is not really Monday...yes, I am a day late, however, yesterday was a day spent with family and there was not any time to blog.

There wasn't a chance to blog but there was time to craft. We had to travel a bit over an hour to reach our destination so it was a perfect opportunity to whip up some crocheted flowers for headbands. I have a lovely little stash to make into headbands...I can't wait to get started.

Just before Christmas I was busy stitching up some new toys. I gave a little sneak peak of one that was given as a present. Since I have presented my gift I can now reveal my new design...

...meet 'Whiskers' the cat. I made a purple and green one for my little niece and it looked so cute that I had to stitch another to place in my shop. You can check out his details there.

I have been enjoying spending some extra time crafting. I hope that you have had some time to relax with family and friends over Christmas and have had the opportunity to do a little crafting. I hope to reveal more of my crafting soon!


  1. Immi LOVES her Whiskers! Thank you Auntie Jen :)

  2. Oh! I am so glad that she loves it. It was fun making your little girl version of Whiskers, for such a special little girl!


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