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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Weekend Wonders - Re-energised

I couldn't sleep last night...I had designs floating around in my head.

I must admit... I am one to analyse. I analyse my work, I analyse my netball match, I analyse my craft. I spent a great day yesterday in Hamilton, not only catching up with my sister-in-law, Ali, her husband, bubby and my mother-in-law (yes...I lot of lovely family), but I had the opportunity to peddle my wares at a market (a big thanks to Ali for letting me encroach her stall and her enthusiasm for my products - my No.1 fan!)

The good part is that I sold a few items (always handy) and it was great to see how people react to the products I make. As my 'shop front' is online, it is difficult to personally gauge the responses of others. Markets are also great to support fellow crafters. It was great to wander around the market, see what was on offer, not to 'pinch' ideas or view the competition, but to buy something - the ultimate encouragement for a stall holder.

So, I then went away and analysed the day. I was thinking of the importance of adding some more 'boy' products as I do like to focus on the girlie crafts (funny thing is I am beginning a new girlie craft which I will show tomorrow!). Hence, that was what was interupting my sleep last night...trucks, tractors, trains...hmmm.

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