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Friday, 2 December 2011

Friday thoughts - To market, to market

It has been a very busy week...more work related rather than craft related...

...however, an exciting part about this week is looking forward to this weekend. I am sharing a stall with my sister-in-law, Ali, at a market in Hamilton. As I haven't got a lot of stock, sharing a stall will be perfect. I must admit I am a little nervous, however, I am looking forward to some feedback... to see what people are interested in, what people buy (if anything) and what suggestions people may have. I am going to chalk this down as a learning experience, rather than a hard sell (although selling a few items would be nice) and a chance to promote my designs.

If you are in Hamilton tomorrow, come over and say 'Hi'.
Seek out a market this weekend and have fun browsing!

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