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Monday, 12 December 2011

Monday - in the making

I am paying the price of a craft filled weekend...

After I have finished blogging, I will be busy wrapping gifts of all sorts in readiness for work tomorrow. Yes... yes I could have made time over the weekend, however, I was lured by craft. Let me explain...

Firstly, I spent time gazing at all the wonderful creations on MadeIt to prepare for my blogspot on the MadeIt blog (which I hope will be featured very soon). Lots of creations to inspire my own creativity.

Secondly, I wanted to test a Cutie bug headband for size and look on my friend's daughter. We were meeting for coffee and I wanted to complete it beforehand (and for the record, the trial went well and I will be adding these headbands to the store soon).

Thirdly, I wanted to make some ladies headbands - one for a gift, and a few others to place in my store. As these are all handstitched, it does take a little while. I have added two headbands to my store...

 Lastly, I attended a market on Sunday. It gives me the inspiration to maybe one day make enough items to hold my own stall at a market.

Anyway, my crafting tonight will be gift wrapping. I better find the tape and wrapping paper.

Have fun crafting!

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