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Monday, 5 December 2011

Monday - in the making

So...I am on a bit of a design roll at the moment. I gathered up supplies and have designed a Cutie bug headband for little girls/babies.

I know it all looks a little funny at the moment, I thought I would start to piece the main elements together to make the design more clear. The idea is to have an elastic lace base. I will make up tulle base on which I will stitch the crocheted flower. On top of the flower will be a Cutie bug, like the ones that are stitched to my clips. I am thinking I may need to add a 'leaf' or two.

I am yet to make up my mind whether to have a green winged Cutie bug or a pink winged one. I am unsure whether the pink winged Cutie bug adds too much pink. Feel free to add your thoughts on this, I would love to know.

Speaking of Cutie bugs, I will need to get going on some to replenish my stock. I also have a custom order of Cutie bugs which will need to filled.

Have fun in your crafting!

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