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Friday, 30 December 2011

Friday thoughts - On the move

My family (and my husband's family) all live some distance from us. Christmas/New Year's is often the time when we jump in the car and make the journey to visit them. As we don't often see our family members, time with them is very special and we make the most of the opportunities.

I also like making the most of the opportunity of sitting still without the need to 'do' anything when travelling in the car (when not driving, of course). If I know that I have to travel, I usually pack my crochet. I find that crochet doesn't need any patterns or a lot of materials and isn't too tricky to do whilst bumping along the road.

As we have recently spent time travelling, I managed to whip up quite a few crochet flowers.

I now have quite an array of colours and textures to use. I like to use these flowers as part of headbands. That can only mean one thing...lots of headbands to make!

I hope you have had the opportunity to enjoy some crafting!

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