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Friday, 2 November 2012

Friday Thoughts - 'Brushing' up on Spelling

Today I thought I would share with you one of the crafty, Spelling activities that the children completed during the week. We have been looking at words that end in 'sh' this week and one of the Spelling activities was to make a 'brush'...

We used a wide strip of paper for the 'handle' of the brush. The children wrote words ending in 'sh' on thin strips of white/cream paper. I showed them how to curl the end a little, by using a pencil (some did choose to keep straight bristles). These 'bristles' were glued down one end of the 'handle'. The children then decorated their 'handle'.

Other Spelling activities that we did:
  • I had a bunch of little, coloured paper squares. The children wrote the letters of their words on the squares and glued them on a piece of white paper to make their words.
  • We ran out of time this week for this activity, but we were going to make a fish. First, find an outline of a fish. The children write words ending in 'sh' on paper 'scales' and they glue them down on their fish.

Have a lovely weekend :)

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