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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Wonderful Wednesday - Christmas decorations

The Christmas decorations and the glitz that it brings, has already entered stores...

...in fact, it started weeks ago. I love Christmas and it is an important religious festival for me, but it seems that I can't 'enjoy' or get caught up in the fun that it brings until I am on holidays, as the end of the year seems to be super busy. There are a number of ways to reflect on Christmas and experience its joy. One way to get into the 'spirit of Christmas' is to decorate the home with the festive touch and Christmas reminders. As we enter the season of Advent (preparation for Christmas) this weekend, I aim to put up our Christmas tree. I love cranking up the carols whilst decorating, hence my inspiration for this week - Christmas decorations...

Set of 4 Glass/Fabric Scandi Christmas decorations by 'FYL Handmade'

A unique set of decorations. This set is printed onto fabric and then framed. I love the European flavour of these decorations and the simplicity of a red motive on a white background. These would look lovely on a tree or on a gift as an embellishment.

Set of 9 Baubles by 'Velvet Bean'

This set of baubles have a touch of country and rustic charm. I love the look of the ribbon wrapped baubles with the rustic charm of string to attach the baubles to the tree. Why not use a set of these baubles in a bowl to decorate the Christmas table, similar to the photo.

Crocheted white snowflake decoration by 'Edward & Lilly'

Add a touch of Winter Wonderland with these gorgeous, hand made, crocheted snowflakes. I love the lacy design! So much skill and effort and a touch of European class...

Nativity set by 'Twinklekids'

A nativity set is a perfect way to show the story of Christmas. This set displays each of the characters, hand painted. It would look cute underneath the tree or displayed on a cupboard/shelf.

I hope that this provides you with some inspiration :)

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