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Friday, 16 November 2012

Friday Thoughts - Kimono Dolls

As mentioned in previous posts, at work the children and I have been learning about 'Japan'. We have been learning about the country side of Japan, culture, food and festivals. Another aspect we have been looking at is Japanese traditional clothing, in particular, 'kimonoes'.

I helped the children to make these Japanese inspired cardboard dolls that are wearing our attempt at 'kimonoes'...

  • Firstly, the children cut out a paper outline of the doll. I made one up that was simply a head and a body.
  • This paper outline is then glued onto cardboard and cut out again, in order to make the doll more sturdy.
  • A length of fabric is wrapped around the doll to make the body of the 'kimono'. Try to ensure that the fabric covers the 'body' area of the doll (ie. from neck to foot).
  • A length of paper around 7 or 8 cms wide and long enough to wrap around the body, is then wrapped around the middle of the doll to make the 'sash'. It is taped at the back of the doll. As in the above examples, the 'sash' could be decorated first.
  • I then helped out by tying some yarn around the middle of the sash and then snipped the ends of to represent the 'cord' like feature.
  • The children drew the facial features and hair to complete the doll.
Have a lovely weekend :)

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