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Monday, 12 November 2012

Monday in the making

Once again I have been playing around with accessories as part of my 'Tupsy Tee' range. I have created some multi strand necklaces using up-cycled t-shirts, however, here is my newest 'accessory'...

This is one of my favourite designs. It is very soft and comfortable to wear as the body of the ring is made out of up-cycled t-shirt. It is more of a 'chunkier' ring, but it provides room to highlight the 'vine' stitching, complete with little beads for 'fruit'. As each ring is hand stitched, no two rings are identical. I enjoy wearing mine all day, although, the ring is not waterproof and needs to be removed before washing hands, etc. The upside of this, is that it is completely hand washable!

On the to do list:
  • making more necklaces (they have been in demand)
  • designing and making some Christmas presents for family and friends.
  • headbands
Thanks for viewing:)

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