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Friday, 30 November 2012

Friday Thoughts - Giving rather than getting

We are well into the swing of Christmas...

...and into the season of giving. I love teaching the children fun Christmas crafts, but also teaching them that Christmas is not just about 'getting' but 'giving'. Young children are naturally egocentric, therefore it is important to teach them that there are others in this world, not just themselves and about putting others before themselves.

I develop a 'Kriskringle' type of idea, but instead of buying items, we make them. Over a period of two weeks, the children decorate a gift bag and then we make some Christmas items - a card, wreath, decorations, bon-bon, treats, etc, to place in it. The children know that what they are making is going to be a gift for someone else in the class, not for themselves. That also means that someone in the class is making something for them. We then have a special 'Christmas Day' and I choose someone in the class, then draw a name out of a pool of names (children in the class) and they then give their gift bag with their goodies, to that child and wish them a 'Happy Christmas'. They love making their special little items and they are focused on doing their best for their special person.

I thought I would share a photo of one of our gifts...a tissue paper wreath...

They are stunning! They put so much effort into them that you would not guess that they were made by six year olds. They are simply a ring (paper plate with the middle cut out) and squares of green tissue paper (approx. 8cmx8cm) gently scrunched over the end of  a pencil and glued on with children's PVA glue, closely together. I did cut some red tissue paper squares (same size) to place in the occasional spot for 'holly berries). This child chose to scrunch theirs up into little balls. To finish, I twisted a silver chenille stick around the wreath and twisted the end into a loop for a hook to hang it up. The finished product...

Have a lovely weekend!

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