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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Wonderful Wednesday - At the races

On Tuesday, the 'race that stops the nation' occurred in Australia - the 'Melbourne Cup'. It is Australia's most famous horse race and many people don a frock and a hat, attend special luncheons and stop to watch the race on TV (if not at the track). As for me, I am not much into horse racing, however I do love these majestic animals and I do love the hats and fashion. Hence my inspiration for this week - at the races...

Horse brooches by 'Oh Blackbird'

I love these brooches for the workmanship involved. Delicately cut horses and inner shapes and then backed with Japanese paper. How lovely!

Horse decals by 'JadaBella Studio'

These decals by 'JadaBella Studio' are amazing! Designed and made by 'JadaBella Studio' they are so professional and detailed that they look like they have been painted. This would look lovely on the bedroom wall of a little equestrian.

Purple Flower Fascinator by 'Emerald Diamond'

Fascinators are fascinating - these elegant creations created with feathers, flowers, glittery items, mesh, etc. I found it very hard to pick just one lovely creation by 'Emerald Diamonds', however, this purple number did catch my eye. Not only is the colour gorgeous, but I love the simplicity of it all - a large flower with a beautiful, glittery embellishment in the middle. It would look lovely with a purple, black or silver formal dress.

Tooty Fruity Dress by 'Pretty Parcel'

I love this vintage inspired dress. I love the simplicity of design and I also love the gorgeous, flowery print on the fabric. It is one of those dresses that could be worn during the day for work, but then could also be dressed up with a lovely necklace (and maybe some lovely hair accessories) to create a stunning evening/semi-formal piece. There are more lovely designs by 'Pretty Parcel' in their Madeit store to choose from.

I hope that these items inspire you :)

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