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Friday, 15 February 2013

Friday Thoughts - Colour

Every week, I look forward to a particular time at work. It is when we focus on creativity and art skills. As a creative person, I enjoy teaching and fostering art and craft skills in young children.
Over the past few weeks, we have been focusing on the topic of 'Colour'. The children have identified colours and objects that are particular colours. The children have experimented with mixing colours, firstly with paints and then with cellophane. I didn't 'teach' the children that certain colours mixed together make a new colour, rather, I let them find it out for themselves and then got them to share their 'combinations' with others to try. The difference is amazing as children get so excited when they discover colours for themselves. This enthusiasm continues to drive their learning and gives them a sense of self achievement.

After discovering colour combinations with paint, we then transferred our knowledge of colours to cellophane. The beauty of cellophane is that it is transparent. I cut up pieces of red, yellow and blue cellophane. I also gave the students a clear, plastic pocket (pockets that hold paper documents in folders). Students stuck down pieces of cellophane on top of the clear pocket with sticky tape. I encouraged over-lapping of cellophane pieces so that when the finished art piece is stuck to a window, the over-lapping shows new colour combinations. Stick these colourful art pieces to a window to allow the colour combinations to be evident.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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