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Thursday, 14 February 2013

I love handmade!

A Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

Mr T and I managed to sneak out tonight and have coffee (and yummy cake) for Valentine's Day. We usually don't make too much of a fuss as we think it is important to show our love for each other everyday (although it is nice to go out on these little 'date' events now and then).

My love for handmade items and all things crafty have been the source of inspiration this week.I have chosen some handmade items that reflect some crafty passions of mine...

White Pram Rug by 'Kids Creations'

One of my passions (particularly at the moment) is crochet. Currently I am working on a special crochet project that I am going to give as a gift. I love the pure wool that I am using and I love the beautiful colours that yarn comes in. One of my favourite creators that specialise in crochet is 'Kids Creations'. Her work is divine and would be perfect for heirloom gifts. I love the pattern of this crochet rug. The scalloped border is a highlight to this design. 'Kids Creations' also make beanies, headbands, layettes, booties...a variety of lovely items.

 Recycled Paper Rose Bouquet by 'Red Zebra Designs'

I am being inspired by materials that I can find, remodelling them and putting them to good use. My 'Tupsy Tee' accessory range have stemmed from this inspiration. A creator that I admire that is remarkable at up cycling is 'Red Zebra Designs'. The ideas that they have are fresh and original. I particularly love the range of paper modelled and created products that use pages from books. These roses caught my eye as their shape are so life like, with a touch of quirkiness as they use pages from atlases. Superb!

Heart Coasters by 'Monkey & Bee'

I had to end on a 'heart' filled note. I also love beautiful fabrics and patterns. One creator that uses such lovely patterned and bright fabrics is 'Monkey & Bee'. With these gorgeous fabrics she makes coasters and coffee cuffs...both of them my favourite. Her heart coasters are a new addition to her repertoire.

I hope that this provides you with you some inspiration!


  1. Thank you so much Jen for the words and for featuring one of my blankets. I really love what I do and just like you handmade is such a passion. I can't go a day without either picking up a crochet hook or knitting needles. Lovely blog and really enjoyed reading it. Ann-Marie @Kids Creations x x

    1. I love to craft everyday in some form as well. Thank you for your kind words. Your creations are simply lovely. All the best! Jen.


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