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Friday, 1 February 2013

Friday Thoughts - What's my name?

It has been wonderful getting to know a new set of little ones at work. They're eager to learn, eager to play and eager to have fun. One of the first skills that I encourage these little ones to learn is to recognise and write their name. For those children that have a short name, this skill is quickly learnt, however, those children that have longer names, it can be quite tough. Practice can be as simple as copying their own name onto some work that they have completed, however, I have found some fun ideas that can assist in name writing and recognition...

Make a puzzle using the letters of the child's name (by Happy Hooligans)

Making their name out of playdough (by Kindergarten Rocks)

Searching for letters game (by Teach Preschool)

Other ideas include:
  • Use game pieces (eg. Scrabble letters) to make own name.
  • Use magnetic letters - the child can write their name on the fridge.
  • Find letters in magazines/newspapers and cut them out and stick them together on a piece of paper to make their name.
  • Tear little pieces of coloured paper and stick them down on paper to make their name.
  • Use pavement chalk and write their name on pathways.
  • If chalk gets too messy, simply give a paint brush and water and they can 'paint' their name on pathways.
Have a great weekend!

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