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Monday, 18 February 2013

Monday in the making

I had a bit of a find on the weekend...

...whilst sourcing t-shirts for some more up-cycled creations, I stumbled upon a bit of a stash of craft supplies. I managed to find some press-studs, some lace and some eyelets. The biggest find of all was some small lengths of small floral patterned fabric.

I had to make a few headbands over the weekend and I couldn't resist the urge to make some out of my newly found fabric. After washing it (it didn't take long to dry on such a hot day) I made up a couple of lacy headbands. Here is the result...

I decided to make the top 'layer' of the fabric flower slightly shorter than the bottom. I used some lace in a rosette in the middle, topped off with a button. The flower has then been stitched onto shiny, soft elastic. I think that these headbands have a bit of a vintage feel about them. All components of my headbands are stitched, rather than glued for durability. These headbands are now available in my Madeit store.

On the list:
  • I would love to get into some cushions.
  • Make more special 3-Dimensional cards (will show you my work from the weekend later on in the week).
  • I have a new design that I would love to try...
Thanks for viewing:)

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