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Monday, 6 May 2013

Monday in the Making

After a couple of busy weeks, it was wonderful to spend the weekend focusing on some craft. I have quite a list of crafty goodies (re my handmade challenge) to make and it was great to spend large chunks of time working on them. Denim has been my material of focus lately. Here is the result...

I finished making up the keyring 'jeans' that I am giving as thank you gifts. I am still undecided at the moment about whether to make them as a regular product. I have one available at the moment...

This notebook is going to be another gift. It has seperate denim coverings for the front and back with denim ties down the centre . I have created a fabric and denim flower to brighten up the cover with a couple of embroidered flowers. This book cover took longer than I expected it to make, maybe because I was working out exactly how it was going to fit. I have one more notebook cover to make, although this one is a little smaller. Once again I am trying a few ideas out..

On the list:
  • Still catching up on a few gifts (once again new ideas that I am excited about) and cards.
Thanks for viewing :)


  1. Love these! Very clever little jeans ;)

    1. Thanks Marly. I have a lot of ideas at the moment (particularly using denim) and I am enjoying trying them out.


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