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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Baby Girl

We have some exciting events coming up...

...We are blessed to be auntie and uncle to (now) two beautiful little girls, the youngest being only a few weeks old. It was lovely to catch up with these two little ones just after the birth of No.2, to enjoy baby girl cuddles (with No. 2) and cute conversations (with No.1). This weekend, we will have the chance to catch up with these littlies, their parents and with family. Hence, the inspiration for this week is ... baby girl!

Crochet Cowl by 'Lolli & Bean'

This is stunning! I am a fan of crochet, so that is one aspect that attracts me. I also love the gorgeous blue colour and crochet flower and button embellishment. It will add just enough warmth to little shoulders.

Blank Baby Girl Card by 'Country Lane Jewellery'

This card would be a lovely memento for a new baby girl. I love the 3D aspect to the card combined with the heart embroidery in the border.  So much work in this gorgeous card!

Hand Crocheted Rug by 'Bumble Bee Designs'

Every little one needs a warm pram or cot blanket to snuggle into and this one is bright and colourful. I love the textured flower pattern and their colours are gorgeous. I also love the border - it enhances the design of the rug. 

I hope that this provides you with some inspiration!

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