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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Wonderful Wednesday - Animals

We are now up to book three in our Eric Carle author study at work. This week we read 'The Mixed Up Chameleon'. Chameleons are fascinating animals, purely because they have the ability to change colour to blend into their surrounds. This book has a wonderful message which focuses on 'being yourself'. The children at work had a wonderful time creating their own 'mixed up chameleons', using different animal parts and then adding them to the chameleon. We drew our creations and then painted them, however, they could easily be moulded with clay, playdough or plasticene or they could even be made out of construction materials. Hence my inspiration this week is...animals!

Flash Card pack by 'Hazy Prints'

I love the graphics on these flashcards! These animals would be very appealing to children, whilst helping them to learn numebrs. I also love the scratchy font of the focus number. Lovely!

 Pink Fox Softie by 'The Crafty Little Fox'

This softie is adorable and looks ready to be cuddled. I love the use of two different fabrics in this creation. I love the cute little front legs and pointy little ears. Such a cute design!

Wooden Animal Set by 'Raw Toys'

This set of wooden toys are ready to stimulate imaginative play. I love the simplicity - animal outlines with few details, allowing the wood grain to be a lovely feature. Beautiful!

I hope that this provides you with some inspiration!

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