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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wonderful Wednesday - Reading

At work, we have been celebrating 'Book Week'. This is one of my favourite times of the year as we focus on the latest stories (in my case picture books) and do some different Art/Craft, language and literacy focused activities.

I am really pleased that the books that have been chosen this year have wonderful and fun themes for children, including gardening, growth, family, love, bravery, pets, thankfulness, fantasy and imagination. Hence 'reading' is my inspiration for this week...

Magnetic Bookmark by 'Sparrowhawk Designs'

Of course, when you think of books, you think of bookmarks and this is such a cute design. This simply folds over the page of your book and is held together by two magnets. I also love the two tone pink flower design. A perfect little gift to pop in with a card.

Kindle case by 'Ambette'

For those that are a bit more technological when it comes to reading, 'Ambette' creates these gorgeous, felt kindle cases. A simple design, but eye catching. 'Ambette' makes these covers in a range of colour combinations, however, this one would be perfect to give to a father, husband or brother.

Felt Baby Book by 'You Make Me...Me'

What a great item to foster reading in the most youngest of readers. This item is a bright, colourful, felt book that contains a lot of sea creatures, words and their pictures. I love the bright colour combinations on each page and the cute little characters. An educational and fun gift for a little one.

Outer space bookends by 'Turtle Velocity'

To hold all of your lovely books up, check out these gorgeous bookends. This one features a space theme, but there are others including rockets, fish, dinosaurs, lighthouses, etc. The characters are so fun and cute - perfect for a little ones library or bedroom.

I hope that this provides you with some inspiration!


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my Kindle case, Jen! Some lovely picks here :)

    1. No problem Ambette. It's lovely! I love your work :)


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