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Monday, 6 August 2012

Monday in the making

Over the past week I have been making up tutus for an order. Unfortunately, I did not photograph it, hence I can't show it to you...sorry. However, it was an order for two pink tutus, very similar to this one:

I have also experimented with new fabric flower design. I bought up some fabric over the weekend and have created this:

I am so pleased with how this design has turned out. I am now going to make a batch of these floral designs as headbands and/or clips. I particularly love these - I love the purple colour, matched with the bright green. It reminds me of a passionfruit flower. I can't wait to try the same design out with other colours.

My aim this week is:

  • Make up some more flower headbands.
  • Get my 'Tupsy Tees' t-shirt designs going.
I have a market in a fortnight's time and I want to boost up my stock with these new goodies. I also have something else arriving in the post...I'm constantly creating!

Thanks for stopping by!

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