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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Weekend Wonders

This weekend has been quite busy...

...not only was the weekend used for the 'catch up chores' that usually occur on the weekend, but I squeezed in as much time for crafting as possible. Amongst all this, my husband and I briefly visited a church fete and helped to deliver a presentation at our church. Hence today, I broke my 'crafting code' and spent this afternoon crafting away.

What did I create?

Accessories! I made up two styles of rings and made up a range of hair pins. I just love the colours and the flowers (I'll show photos tomorrow). I did make up a ring for myself and am very tempted to keep a few hair pins for myself, but I will wait until after the market next weekend.

I have also been busy attaching fabric flowers to headbands and clips. I have created a few 'tie headbands' that look so sweet in photography.

What's on the list for this week?
Lots! Headbands, tutus and an order for a bag tag.

I hope you had a lovely weekend!

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