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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Wonderful Wednesday - Knitting Inspiration

I love a range of crafts...

Lately, I have been taking my knitting into work and knit during the brief morning break that I get. It is amazing how a few rows each day mount up. My scarf is progressing just nicely. It is also wonderful that a friend and work colleague of mine has also picked up the yarn and needles and is giving a project a go. It is difficult and hard to coordinate at first, but with persistence, it all becomes second nature. Therefore, this week I am inspired by knitted projects...

Amelia the knitted bear by 'Sam and Charlie'

Sam and Charlie create the most adorable knitted rabbits and bears. I adore the cheeky grin that 'Amelia' has and her frilly dress. What a great toy for all ages.

Pink beanie by 'Kids Creations'

I love the pattern that is knitted into this beanie, adding a textural look and a feminine touch. The flower sets off the beanie just lovely. A sweet item to add to a little girl's wardrobe.

Knitted Tube Glass Teardrop necklace by 'Artefacts'

Have you thought about knitted items as a jewellery item? I love this unique item! The glass teardrop teamed with the tones of orange and brown. A very eye catching item.

I hope that this provides you with some inspiration!

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