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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Wonderful Wednesday - Stress Less

It has been a little busy at Tupsy Turvy...

...with a market to prepare for (after completing two other markets) and a full time job, life can be busy. Despite the 'busyness' it's always nice to spend a few moments relaxing - being with a cuppa, glass of bubbly, hot bath, craft or chat with a friend. The body needs some 'time out'. Therefore, I have put together some inspirational products to help relaxation.

Babushka wheat/lavender heat pack by 'Choochie Bubble'

Simply gorgeous! A heat pack that is filled with wheat and relaxing lavender will help with lovely sleep and soothed muscles. Not only practical, but a gorgeous item to cuddle. 'Choochie Bubble' have a range of beautiful heat packs, including owls and dogs.

Sweet Lemon Soap by 'From My Hearth'

I love hand crafted soap! Often they are made with 'nice' ingredients that truly look after your skin. I love the look of 'From My Hearth' soaps and I can only imagine the glorious smells. Hand crafted soaps have 'flavours' that you can't buy commercially. Invigorating lemon and citrus is one of my favourite scents.

Coffee Cuff by 'Monkey and Bee'

There is nothing like a cup of coffee to unwind and sometimes a takeaway coffee when I am out and about hits the spot (eg. at a market). I have had the pleasure of purchasing coffee cuffs from 'Monkey and Bee' that protect hands from piping hot coffee, besides that they look stunning! I love the pattern on this cuff. A perfect gift for a coffee lover.

Gingerbread House Soy Candle by 'Kitchen Aromas'

What a delicious way to unwind! I can imagine this candle in the bathroom, whilst enjoying a hot bath, filling the room with the delicious smell of Gingerbread. There are a number of 'baked goodies' to choose from. A perfect gift for the 'hard-to-buy-for' person.

I hope these items inspire you. Have a relaxing rest of the week!

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