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Friday, 19 October 2012

Friday Thoughts - Comprehension

I love teaching little children...

It is fantastic to see littlies grow in all aspects - in their confidence, in their independence and academically. Little children are like little sponges and seem to 'soak' up information and learning at such a fast rate. It is one of the rewards of teaching.

At the beginning of the year, you teach these little ones sounds of the alphabet and by the end of the year they can read sentences, even mini-novels for themselves. However, one draw back of being able to read more complex words, is that these little ones don't necessarily 'think' about what they are reading. Comprehension is a vital skill in reading, otherwise why read?? It is a skill to comprehend what is read and then respond to it, be it a form, a letter or a story.

One such idea to help with comprehension, is this fun activity (that unfortunately I can't source the original creator of this idea - I do apologise). The idea is to find a piece of short text that is age appropriate for the child(ren). I chose a simple poem about a boat that was blue, that had two red sails and oars. After reading the text, the child(ren) paint a picture of what the text depicts. Not only is this a fun activity (as painting always is for children) but it shows whether the child(ren) have understood what was in the text and their thinking about the imagery of the text. This activity could be used with children from a range of ages, not necessarily little children.

Have a lovely weekend :)

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