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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Wonderful Wednesday - Flags

Lots of flags were waving on the weekend...

While I was watching the 'Bathurst' V8 car race on TV, I witnessed various flags - flags of support for teams, flags twirling around during the race showing when there is a problem ahead and, of course, the chequered flag at the end of the race to signal the end. Hence the inspiration for this Wednesday is 'flags'...

Bunting by 'Run Wild Horses'

I love the simple designs of 'Run Wild Horses'. They make a variety of banners, especially for weddings or Christmas, which would enhance these celebrations. Check out the variety of banners...

Bunting purse by 'Seventh Sphere'

I love the bright and colourful flag design on this purse. It would hold loose coins just nicely, so that they don't roll around at the bottom of the handbag.

Cupcake flag toppers by 'Red Elephant Creative'

What about flags for little cakes? Check out these mini flags that can decorate your cupcakes. Just love the red and white striped design!

Happy Birthday Banner by 'Ben and Jess'

I love the Kokeshi Doll design on this bunting. 'Ben and Jess' make quality decorations for a variety of celebrations (I have a lovely dress bunting decorating my craft area made by 'Ben and Jess'). They match the colours and the designs so beautifully.

So many different flag designs. Thanks for viewing and I hope that this inspires you :)

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