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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Thursday Inspiration - Strawberries

Things should soon return to normal...

Mr T and I were away for this past weekend to travel and to help celebrate a family member's milestone birthday. It was lovely to catch up with family again and I am blessed with lovely 'in laws'. We all seem to get along well together and enjoy each other's company. It was also lovely to catch up with my little niece that is nearing two. I admire the patience of her parents as they endeavour to encourage their little one to eat up their meal, however, one thing that I notice that she loves to eat is ...strawberries.

Strawberries are also a favourite fruit of mine. They seem to herald the beginning of the Spring and Summer fruit season. I love strawberry jam, desserts, fresh strawberries and cream...and also popped in a glass of sparkling wine! Mmmm...

Strawberry charm by 'Saturday Lollipop'

How cute is this? A tiny little plate of strawberries, ready to eat. Crafted out of polymer clay, this charm would be a talking point. 'Saturday Lollipop' have a range of miniatures used as charms. A lovely and original gift idea.

Door stop by 'Squiggle and Stitch'

You could always put strawberries on the floor, near the door! I love the teaming of cute strawberry fabric and pink and white polka dot fabric to create this door stop. A simple design and also a practical idea.

Strawberry Yoghurt soap by 'From My Hearth'

I can just imagine the smell of this soap...mmm...strawberry yoghurt. Soaps from 'From My Hearth' use only natural ingredients, which helps to look after your skin. A lovely little indulgence for yourself or, once again, would make a lovely gift - maybe as part of a 'pamper pack'.

Crayon Wallet by 'SuSu Designs'

I love the mix of the softer strawberry patterned fabric and the harsher hessian fabric. It opens to show housing for five crayons and paper for a budding little artist to draw on. A practical and sturdy gift for an artistic little one.

I hope that this provides you with some inspiration :)

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